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zombie dice : spel idee

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zombie dice : spel idee

Berichtdoor bluatigro » wo feb 19, 2014 2:58 pm

hier n idee voor n spelletje : zombie dice

regels :

1.On your turn grab 3 dice from the cup and roll them.
Dice are colored red, yellow, and green
and have footsteps, brains, or shotgun icons.
2.Set aside any brain and shotgun dice.
3.If you have 3 shotguns
, your turn ends with a score of 0.
4.You can decide to either
stop rolling or roll again.
5.If you stop, your score
for this turn is the number of brains you have.
6.If you re-roll,
keep the footsteps dice you rolled,
set aside the brain and shotgun dice rolled,
and randomly grab dice to replace the brain
and shotgun dice. Roll the 3 dice.
7.Go back to step 4.
You basically can keep re-rolling
for as long as you want to push your luck.
To win:

•Once a player gets 13 brains, finish the round. If there is a tie, the tied players play a single tie breaker round.
•Also, if you run out of dice for your turn,
note the number of brain dice you’ve rolled
and place those brain dice back into the cup.
Then continue as normal.
The colors note your odds of winning.
The entire dice set has 6 green, 4 yellow,
and 3 red dice

green dice : 3 brains 2 foodsteps 1 shotgun
yellow dice : 2 brains 2 foodsteps 2 shotgun
red dice : 1 brain 2 foodsteps 3 shotgun
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Re: zombie dice : spel idee

Berichtdoor bluatigro » do feb 20, 2014 11:23 am

Berichten: 306
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